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Every year, 200,000 veterans transition from military service into civilian life. It's a challenging time that often results in loss of identity and changes so significant it seems like the veteran is changing planets.

For our warriors to live the life of prosperity they deserve they must rediscover their voice and tell their story. That is our Mission at The Heroes Journey.

The Heroes Journey Veterans Day Music Video

Every month over 20k veterans leave active duty military service. For many this transition can be like changing planets, an unfamiliar world where loss of identity and purpose is a very real possibility.

We made this video to spread the message of hope to all veterans faced with this transition and so the people around them can start to see what kind of internal battles our veterans face.

Helping Warriors Find their Voice and Tell Their Story

The Heroes Journey is reconnecting warriors and civilians at a community level for a better America. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 of Warriors and Civilians with a passion for storytelling. We work directly with veterans and their families to find their voice, and then tell their own hero’s journey.

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The Heroes Journey in the News

Scott Mann discusses The Heroes Journey on America Talks Live, NEWSMAX television. Watch this video to learn more about how The Heroes Journey is reconnecting warriors and civilians at a community level for a better America.